Monday, June 21, 2010

$1000 donated by Today's Vision of Tyler, Texas!

Dr. Rudd hosted a trunk sale at Today's Vision of Tyler, Texas, benefiting the Tilapia Project last Saturday.
Today's Vision trunk show in progress.

Dr. Rudd pictured above in full Tilapia Project regalia :)
Many thanks to Dr. Rudd and all the Today's Vision employees for their support and hard work. Their donation of $1000 is roughly enough to get a new Tilapia Project going. We met lots of great people, and even made some connections for future projects. God has greatly blessed this project through Today's Vision!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Today's Vision hosting the Tilapia Project this weekend.

Our friend Dr. Neshia Rudd of Today's Vision, Tyler Texas, is hosting a fish themed trunk sale June 19th. Dr. Rudd has been kind enough to sponser the Tilapia Project with a percentage of the proceeds. We will be at Today's Vision from 9 am to 2 pm tomorrow. Come out and see what Today's Vision has to offer!

Tilapia found for the Dominican Republic Project

After over a month of phone calls and internet searching, we have located a local source for fish in the Dominican Republic! Now we will put our missionary project manager in the DR, Richard James, in touch with the hatchery in nearby Nagua. This project is run by Food For the Poor. Our contact there will not only sell us fingerling tilapia, but will also be a great resource as Richard begins growing fish. Progress in the Caribbean is slow, but we're getting there!

First Harvest at Kisima Academy, Kenya.

Kisima Academy Tilapia Project had their first harvest in June 2010. In the photo above you can see them working the nets through one of the ponds. These fish were first introduced as fingerlings (about 2 to 3 inches) in the fall of 2009. The tilapia reproduced before the harvest, leaving many small fish in the ponds to grow up for the next harvest.
The children of Kisima are seen above enjoying a meal of tilapia and ugali (maize flour). The excess fish were sold to local villagers, raising almost $200 for the orphanage. Martin already has plans to expand the Kisima Tilapia Project. He has purchased another acre of land and plans to build more ponds in the future. Great work Kisima! Praise God!