Saturday, October 16, 2010

October 2010 Update, New projects in the works!

The Tilapia Project continues to move forward despite the lack of posts these last few months. We have been seeking God's direction in our on-going projects, and in finding new projects. It seems God is leading us primarily to ministries that are serving children. What better way to show His mercy than by feeding His most vulnerable people?
Our first project, Kisima Academy, continues to produce fish, feeding and providing money for this orphanage serving over 140 children. The director, Martin, has done a wonderful job of growing additional food to provide for the children in his care. He is not only growing tilapia, but also vegatables and grains. Martin has plans to build more fish ponds in the future in order to provide more security and self-sufficiency to their ministry. If you would like to learn more about Kisima Academy, and how you can help, go to:
The Dominican Republic project takes another step forward in November when our primary contact, Stefan Schmidt, will travel to Puerto Platta. Stefan will make contact with Richard James to determine what progress has been made and will bring information about where he can purchase fish in the DR. We will use this trip to establish more reliable means of communication and to ensure that Richard is still able and willing to be the man leading the way in the DR for the Tilapia Project. The DR project will serve Hatian refugee children by providing fish to the school serving the Villa Ascension refugee camp.
Parental Care Ministries, Uganda, is also moving forward with their Tilapia Project. This ministry is orphanage based as well as serving to unify and enrich local Christian ministries and churches in Uganda. PCM is in the fund raising phase of its Tilapia Project. They will be hosting a fund raiser at the Potpourri House Restaraunt in Tyler, Texas on November 11th. We hope to break ground on the first fish pond at their property in Uganda in November! If you would like to learn more about Parental Care Ministries and how you can help, go to:
We have another possible project in the planning stages in Chiapas, Mexico. This ministry is lead by Lance Keeling of Living Among Them Ministries. Lance and his family are working with a local orphanage trying to improve the children's lives. He approached me through a common friend about raising tilapia. We've had some great correspondance and he has a great vision for how the Tilapia Project could help these children. Right now Lance is working to find a sustainable water source for the fish. A well would be a great answer to prayer, but they are quite expensive. Please check out the Living Among Them Ministry at to find out more about this ministry and how you can help.
Debra and I have been impressed in the last year how many children in this world are in need of help. We hope that if you are reading this, that you may be encouraged by the people who have stepped forward, with God as their guide, to care for these kids and show them and their communities God's mercy and grace. If you are inspired to help, you can give tax deductible contributions directly to Kisima Academy, Parental Care Ministries, and Living Among Them Ministries. Thanks for following the Tilapia Project! Bill