Tuesday, March 30, 2010

East Texas Research - May 2009

I want to take a moment to give you an update on what’s happening with the tilapia project. It has been a very interesting couple of months since you heard from me last.

First of all, I would like to thank so many of you for your prayers, supportive words, and financial assistance. Your support has allowed us to purchase the equipment and fish necessary to get this project off the ground. I would also like to thank those friends who have contributed their time helping me get the ponds ready for fish.

The project has evolved in the past few months. I believe the Lord gave me the inspiration to begin. I took the initial idea and made it my own. And now, in the last few months I think He has been taking the reins back from me, and asking me to allow Him to show me how this is really supposed to work! It’s been a real faith builder. The plan has changed and I have no doubt that it is for the better.

We purchased and stocked Tilapia brood fish on May 18th! These fish will spawn this summer, not in the ponds we’ve dug, but in smaller ponds that friends have allowed us to use for the project. At the summer’s end, we will remove the offspring from the ponds, and place them in small pools to ride out the winter indoors. Next spring we’ll move the fish to the ponds to grow them out for harvest.

Meanwhile, my friend Stephan Schmidt with Mercy Ships will be going down to the Dominican Republic in June. He will be gathering information to determine the best path to bring Project Tilapia to the people down there who need food so desperately. At this point we believe the startup costs in the DR should be similar to what we found here in Texas, depending on availability of supplies. One additional cost will be the airfare down there to help get the local people going in the right direction.

We are seeking partners to help with these expenses and to join us in prayer for a fruitful project and future outreach opportunities. Every dollar donated will go towards this project. Any extra funds raised will be used towards future outreaches related to this project.

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