Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kenyan Orphanage Opportunity - October 2009

We have several exciting developments in Project Tilapia to report since our last update. First things first, the project here in Texas has been a success! We started noticing baby tilapia in the brood pond the first part of July and every day we see more and more. These fish are rugged, quick breeders, require minimal care, and adapt well to change. The water level in the pond dropped a foot before a recent rain and the water was quite warm, yet the fish were un-phased. We will begin our first harvest in October. The research phase of this project is about to take a back seat as we prepare to step into the real world and provide practical help to some people in need.


In June, I was put in contact with a gentleman, Martin Simiyu, from Africa who runs an orphanage for about 100 children who’ve lost their parents in the recent political turmoil in Kenya. The name of his orphanage is Kisima Academy. Please check out this website for more information and pictures of his amazing ministry: http://kisimaacademy.blogspot.com/ Martin has been praying for some time for a way to supplement the orphans’ diet with an affordable, sustainable protein source. Through our correspondence this summer, we believe we have a viable plan to breed tilapia and help feed the children at Kisima Academy on an on-going basis.

We are now partnering with Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church, of Loudon, Tennessee (long time supporters of Kisima Academy) in order to offer tax deductions to donors. We are seeking partners to help with the following one-time expenses:

Construction of ponds (includes a water pipe system) $ 738

Purchase of starter fish, fish food, and equipment $ 375

Purchase of ½ Acre of land on which to dig fish ponds $2,305

The largest cost of this project is the purchase of land. Land is very valuable in Kenya because it is one of the indicators of wealth in their culture. The land currently owned by Kisima Academy is already being used for teaching and living space for the children, as well as a large vegetable garden and grazing pasture for a singular cow purchased to provide milk for the orphans.

Please consider joining us in this ministry to the children of Kisima. We are giving financially to this need and hope you will too. Every dollar donated will go towards this project.

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